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The traditional P45 form summarising tax paid at then the end of an employment will remain in use after a change of heart at HMRC.


Members of AccountingWEB's Working Together eGroup have started a thread questioning HMRC's timetable for sending out new tax codes.

Just had an email from Custom Forms with prices to buy P60. Are HMRC not providing them for free this year?


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I have an issue regarding my tax which I would like some advice on. My issue is as follows:


Employees who owe the taxman less than £3,000 in tax can pay the money in monthly instalments through Pay As You Earn (PAYE), HMRC has said.


If you're thinking of a new beginning this New Year and going it alone, there are lots of factors to consider.


HMRC is targeting business owners struggling to collect employee information to help employers deliver more accurate data to HMRC.


HMRC is asking for more businesses and software developers to join the PAYE Real

HMRC is to change its Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system to detect owed deductions on a monthly basis, rather than yearly, in a bid to make the system easier for employers.