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HMRC has agreed a new approach to PAYE late filing penalties with professional tax bodies to lessen the number of companies receiving notices for £400+ fines in September each year.


My client has a state pension and a couple of part time jobs.



When I first started my accounting business I offered payroll but outsourced it. However I decided to bring it in house eventually.

I think that the latest "Agent Update 28" is cack-handed. It starts straight in about "Payroll Alignment" in very technical and off-putting terms - poor communication.


A client has asked me to answer a query regarding their wife's payslip.


HMRC will soon be able to require employers to pay a security where there is serious risk that they won’t pay their PAYE tax deductions or NICs.


The traditional P45 form summarising tax paid at then the end of an employment will remain in use after a change of heart at HMRC.


Members of AccountingWEB's Working Together eGroup have started a thread questioning HMRC's timetable for sending out new tax codes.

Just had an email from Custom Forms with prices to buy P60. Are HMRC not providing them for free this year?


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I have an issue regarding my tax which I would like some advice on. My issue is as follows: