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HMRC is asking for more businesses and software developers to join the PAYE Real

HMRC is to change its Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system to detect owed deductions on a monthly basis, rather than yearly, in a bid to make the system easier for employers.


A proposal by HMRC to allow “connected” employers to pool PAYE returns for employees may help some but create “bigger targets” for the taxman,


Tax advisers can now check their client’s PAYE tax codes online. Nick Huber reports.



Some of my clients pay PAYE/NIC quarterly due to being below the monthly payment threshold.

I have two questions:


We have a UK based client who as a result of a takeover by an overseas Company has non resident directors. They want to pay these directors for attending board meetings in the UK.


Just got a new client, a contractor, who's working through his limited company, taking around £12000 salary and the rest in dividends.


My client has asked if the payment of Directors remuneration of £589 per month can be treated as a paper exercise.  It would be credited to Directors current account but not drawn until the company


A company has had a PAYE settlement agreeement in force for a number of years.

For 2010/11 the formal agreement has not been signed and returned.