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Iris have indicated not, but I am convinced we have done this in the past; has anyone been able to do this successfully.


I spoke to HMRC about a client who hadn't advised them that they had no PAYE or NIC to pay for last quarter.


 Does any one know of a way to e-mail a Moneysoft P35 to clients for electronic approval?  


My client recieved a letter from HMRC for compliance inspection for the years 2008/09 and 2009/10. Compliance officer visited client premises discussed with FD and seen records.


An employee/director of a company is entitled to share options (not a private or family company) which would normally be subject to PAYE and NIC via his payroll, but there's a likelyhood that he'll


 In addition to the insanity of having online services down over the 5th April, we are still not getting emailed confirmations re P35s and P46s and P45s that have been filed in the last 24 hours.


I see that it is expected that PAYE Data will have to be submitted each payday. If we do a weekly payroll is that going to mean each week? What happens if there is an error.

Interesting to note that the HMRC online PAYE year end submissions facility is unavailable for the period from 04 April 2011 to 06 April 2011 due to "routine maintenance".  A very suitable time for


I found it utterly unbelievable this morning when I contacted the HMRC PAYE forms orderline (08457 646 646) to place a small order for P60 forms.


I've received a few emails from HMRC now notifying of a new tax notice (P9) being issued, yet when I log into PAYE online there is nothing there!