In the past month we have received several penalty notices relating to late filing of P35s dating back some years, the earliest being 2001.  With one client there is a statement relating to late fi


My client has recently received a notice of a £400 penalty for non-submission of his 2009/10 PAYE return.  It is believed that an attempt was made to submit this online before the due date (19 May)


I have to complete a business survey form and one of the entry fields is PAYE reference.


I have recently come accross a statement from Irish Revenue stating that an employee of one company is to be regarded as the employee of second company.


The government has put forward new proposals for reforming the PAYE system, but how practical are they? The IPP’s Diana Bruce offers the payroll professionals’ perspective.


We have an employee. Works 2 days per week. Earns over the LEL.

Sick for 2 weeks. (so they were ill for 14 days - therefore 4 working days).


The media firestorm surrounding the PAYE under- and overpayment letters that went out to 45,000 taxpayers this week has provided an ideal opportunity for scammers, according to Sophos security expe


The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) has issued a guide on what people should do if they receive a tax calculation letter from HMRC.


I have a client who has been employed by a company for say 1 year. He has received income, he believes net of PAYE & NI.