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Have a client with a £501 PAYE overpayment for 2010/11 (inadvertently paid Q2 PAYE/NIC twice & only just come to light).


A client of mine has received, from her employer an amount of money each month for a salary plus an additional £250 for storing company stock at her house.  Is it possible to put a claim into the H


I’m at a bit of a loss as what to report on the P11d for my iPhone. My private use is far from incidental so I can’t really get away with that one.

My wife and I are both chartered accountants and for eight years have operated through a limited company which we own 50:50 and of which we are both directors.


 Hi, I would be grateful if anybody can advise me on the following.



A client submitted their P35 but omitted some termination payments off which were subject to tax.


We keep getting letters from HMRC saying they believe our client has ceased to trade and they want to close the PAYE scheme.

But these clients have not ceased to trade.


PAYE late payment penalties have been in place for a year, but have not had an impact yet because of the way they are calculated.


As the PAYE deadline fell this week, HMRC pointed to the future of efiling with the publication of a