Has anyone else had this problem?  I wanted to double check a tax code notice I received last week and found I had no records for either tax codes, employer notices or student loan notices.  I chec


I have used NatWest online banking for a number of years, and it used to be a relatively straightforward matter to have a payee reference attached which was the PAYE reference code, then add a date


A client transferred out of an ex-employer's pension scheme.

The wording from the pension provider was -

One of our employees has just come stomping into our accounts office demanding to know why we did not pick up that he was on the wrong tax code.


Why is a refund showing on a PAYE submission online not repaid with the same certainty of 5 days as the SA system gives?


Company I advise for on other matters has queried the following with me (down the pub), so I'm not acting in a professional capacity.


Our client 'forgot' they were registered as an employer (for his wife as only employee to use her personal allowance) They pay her circa £5k per annum.


I have been asked to deal with the "Directors Only" PAYE scheme of a UK company which has two directors and file the 2009/10 P35 by internet.


In the last week I have received penalty notice determinations for non submission of 2010 P35 returns even though Nil returns were filed electroniaclly and HMRC issued confirmation emails acknowled


In the past month we have received several penalty notices relating to late filing of P35s dating back some years, the earliest being 2001.  With one client there is a statement relating to late fi