I am looking for an expert to support my position regarding PAYE.

Apparently, HMRC want to change the taxation of redundancy payments from 6th April, and tax the excess over £30,000 using code OT.


Changes have been made to the PAYE regulations which will now allow employers to provide P60 information to employees electronically.


As Lord Carter’s programme for universal online filing nears its conclusion, new changes are bein

I operate a very small payroll for a branch office of a US company in the UK. The US company have just released Restricted Stock Units with a value of just over $1,000 to the UK employee.

The Employer CD-ROM will not be issued this year, and instead the range of tools on it will be available to download from HMRC’s website.


In line with my policy to make CDs, upgrades and backups a thing of the past, I'm looking about for an easy to use but comprehensive online payroll service.  I've had a look at MyPAYE and "The Payr


Annual coding notices started going out last month. With the past year's chaos behind us, Rebecca Benneyworth sets the scene for the 2010-11 year end process.


Last week's PAC report held few surprises for Simon Sweetman, but this one might have a final twist in the plot.


I have a client for whom I manage a small payroll. Each month they pay their PAYE liability online, on time. I don't believe they have ever missed a due date.