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Some clients use HMRC's free payroll software and one has asked me about joining auto-enrolment ahead of their staging date.  I see that BPT has a screen for pension contributions, but does anyone


HMRC has published a further reminder that personal service companies and other intermediaries who have operated an IR35 concession to delay making a final return and payment for 2013/14 have u

Details of the real-time information (RTI) penalties to be phased in during the current tax year are set out in HMRC’s

Local church has a cleaner and paying her weekly £50 per week . The church is not a registered charity but has an annual independent report .


where employer pays an employees personal tax liability of say £2,000 what is the correct reporting procedure for PAYE including Class 1 NIC?


HMRC has apologised for worry and inconvenience caused to taxpayers by the issue of incorrect tax statements and cheques since mid-September.


HMRC has “stopped” issuing income tax repayments after a leaked email revealed that end of year tax reconciliations for thousands of taxpayers may have been calculated wrongly, the Telegraph re


Regulations introducing a graduated scale for recovery of tax and tax credit debts through a taxpayer’s PAYE code have been laid before Parliament.

I have taken over a domestic payroll mid-year and the previous accountants have claimed the Employment Allowance.  It's a domestic payroll where carers are employed to look after a person who is in