Dear All,

My client had a code change issued in January 2013 for the tax year 2013-14 in which unpaid SA liability of £1,756.49 was to be collected via PAYE in the tax year 2013/14.


HMRC has alerted businesses that unused Pay As You Earn (PAYE) schemes


HMRC is claiming that RTI has lived up to expectations for reducing the burden of online payroll filing, despite evidence of technical problems experienced by 36


I would like to explore the opportunity of exchanging services with a qualified accountant looking at starting there website, I am a new business and looking for assistance with Paye and corporatio


More of a rant than a question, but have just wasted 1 hour of my time.

Client has a nanny - so one employee on payroll.


Limited company contractors who want to pay themselves annually inste


my client will be taking on 15 people for 4 days to work on a fashion show . should these people be on  the payroll or will a contract for services suffice to exclude them.


An HMRC review hailing the successes of the RTI pilot scheme met a storm of criticism from payroll and software specialists who do not take such a rosy view of the online PAYE filing project.