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For the last 2 days I have tried to set up a direct debit for PAYE.


as director of limited company with one director, I registered late for PAYE scheme. 

if I classify any renumeration paid prior as salary, are there any penalties other than interest?


Employers, payroll experts and software developers will meet HMRC on 4 December at the inaugural meeting of the Employment and Payroll Group (EPG), the department has announced.

New company just commenced trading, no PAYE registration, 2 directors (non-spouses, non civil partners)

Director #1 was employed until May 2014, and has a P45.


This  page has just been drawn to my attention:


I applied for Paye funding for a limited company. They received the funding which is equal to the total tax refund which the company will have to pay in the 14/15 tax year.


In the last month or so, two of my clients have had letters form Debt Management and Banking telling them to "please send us your overdue PAYE returns for 2011/12 and 2012/13".  This is the first w


New client comes to me worried about how an umbrella company has worked out his pay. His payslips don't match his P60s. Also, he's getting letters from HMRC about outstanding tax and Class 2 NI.


Some clients use HMRC's free payroll software and one has asked me about joining auto-enrolment ahead of their staging date.  I see that BPT has a screen for pension contributions, but does anyone


HMRC has published a further reminder that personal service companies and other intermediaries who have operated an IR35 concession to delay making a final return and payment for 2013/14 have u