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mental block and searching HM website and cant find the answer!!

If a client was paying PAYE monthly but wants to move to quarterly (under limits so OK) what action do we need to take.


I have recently Incorporated a private LTD company. I am the owner, director and sole employee. I have no other job.


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I'm having trouble getting straight how to record salaries etc.


Is it the case the the Gross salary consists of:


Most of my clients seem to have changed PAYE Accounts Office office from Shipley to Cumbernauld from April 2014, so is this HMRC's way of ensuring that we stop using their prepaid envelopes to send


AccountingWEB members are reporting problems with PAYE codes this morning following HMRC maintenance work over the weekend on its computer systems.


Just found out the dictor started later of the year, hence not qualify for the full £7692 rule :(, I have made 3 FPS submissions for this direcor, just wondering can I delete two submissions to mak


Somehow in using online banking we omitted part of our PAYE reference when paying HMRC. The amounts were allocated in one case to the previous year and in another to "suspense".