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My clients works as an employee earning £60,000 per annum.  He receives a SA return request each year and I claim some expenses against his earnings which generally result in a refund of +/- £1,000


HMRC have recently won 2 cases where the taxpayer failed to show they had a 'resonable excuse' for their conduct and so suffered penalties.

HMRC has said that it will delay the introd


STOP PRESS (12 Feb): HMRC has announced that it will delay the introduction of automatic penalities for late filing and late payment following a series of teething troubles with the online fili


UPDATE 29 January: HMRC has confirmed that the problems it was having with missing data in its Business Tax Dashboard extended beyond the tax mont


This isn't so much a question as a warning to practitioners and I feel something that warrants national press attention, though I could do with some opinion on what to do next.


My client has just setup his own service company and is working through it as an IT contractor.


Dear All,

My client had a code change issued in January 2013 for the tax year 2013-14 in which unpaid SA liability of £1,756.49 was to be collected via PAYE in the tax year 2013/14.


HMRC has alerted businesses that unused Pay As You Earn (PAYE) schemes