Payroll software developer Payexcel ceased trading after more than 10 years in business because it could not cope with the transition to RTI. 


HMRC recognises that it has a massive undertaking in hand to deliver real time information (RTI) for PAYE within the tight deadline laid down by the government.


The big challenge of real time information (RTI) for PAYE is familiarising yourself with the main requirements and adapting your processes.

The imminent arrival of real time information (RTI) for PAYE is causing a degree of unease and debate in the marketplace.


Students who do holiday work will have income tax and national insurance deducted from their wages for holiday work from next April when the government scraps a student opt out for Pay As You E



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After recent controversies surrounding the PAYE real time information (RTI) initiative, HMRC officials have launched a charm offensive to emphasise how well the project’s pilot scheme is going.



My client, a director of a client company, has to go on jobs overseas.



A fried has posed the following dilemma. I don't know the answer but thought that AccountingWeb readers may be able to help.



A company director pays himself £624 in month 1 of the tax year under PAYE.  In month two he pays himself £11,144.00.