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HMRC’s habit of putting new PAYE schemes into the RTI pilot scheme without telling them is building up another rash of filing problems and penalty concerns for the end of May.

ICAEW-endorsed Bacs service provider Credec warned that the PAYE real time information (RTI) system faces its most critical test in the final few days of April.

I have just been on the phone to HMRC who categorically have said that quarterley PAYE/NIC payments were no longer allowed under RTI.  This contradicts their website, and I have not come across thi


Ok, I didn't know where to ask this on the internet, I am hoping you guys can help because I am getting told lot's of different things by many different people. 


I am not expecting anybody to be able to help with this one - but if anyone has an IT-lingo to English translation handbook ready could they explain this error when using HMRC Basic PAYE Tools 2013


RTI teething troubles over the weekend spilled over into the first week of the new tax year as HMRC’s upgraded computers struggled to cope with the workload.


Most HMRC online services will be unavailable between 4 and 6 April due to an IT upgrade and maintenance work.


Personally, I listen to a lot of radio,  but it's only recently I've been hearing HMRC's RTI advertisements in between shows. 


I can't see that this has been asked before, and I admit in advance that I am not a payroll expert!