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The move towards the end of the P11D continues on with the 


While the focus of the Budget aftermath was on the cuts to welfare there was plenty for employers to home in on too. Kate Upcraft gives her observations.


Does anybody know where I can find a copy of the P46 starter checklist that I can print off without having to fill it out? I used to keep a bundle of P46 forms to hand to people when they need it.


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This may seem a pretty simple question but I need a little advice on setting up a Payroll for a single Director company where we can put through just one payment a year.


Director 1 man band client has paid over 35 years worth of NI, and is going onto dividends only from now on. He still needs a payroll scheme for P11D purposes only.


Why are standard hours reported via RTI so important for Universal Credit?


While it was first announced at Budget 2013, the early detail of tax-free childcare (TFC) was first revealed by way of the consultation paper Delivering Tax-Free Childcare: consultation on desi


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I have lots of one man band payroll clients and process an annual salary of £10600 (10k in 14/15) to take advantage of the ER's NI relief.



I would like to ask about employing UK citizens by US company in UK.