The argument about how good or bad the Autumn Statement was for the country rumbles on and will probably do so until something more interesting captivates the nati

The senior director / sole shareholder in our company has more or less retired in practical terms, but continues to draw a salary (sub- NIC thresholds) plus dividends which is fine and his prerogat


I have a client who has been using her student daughter to help her with her admin and typing .


my friend is going to be working for a small american company, she will be operating in the uk as their branch and be paid in GBP, they approached me for advice on setting her up as they haven't ha


New company just commenced trading, no PAYE registration, 2 directors (non-spouses, non civil partners)

Director #1 was employed until May 2014, and has a P45.


The Pensions and Payroll Data Interface Standard (PAPDIS) was recently launched to create a common vehicle for exchanging auto enrolment pension data.

Afternoon all from the wet and windy South,

How is everyone treating the Employment Allowance in the Profit and Loss of Financial Statements/Management Accounts?

Are you:


Primarily the 2014 Act does not appear to change the rules, or the conditions to be met by employers who wish to employ someone from outside the UK, explains Karen