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I am presently using payroo and want to change due to poor support.

What would people recommend. Thinking of using moneysoft but opened minded.




I've got a question about Full Payment Submission in a payroll software. 


For some years we have used QTAC software for payroll, and with great success. We have just received the renewal invoice for next year which is subject to an increase of more than 30%!!


The Software Satisfaction Awards 2013 confirmed that while cloud solutions in payroll failed to feature in most of the shortlist, the


With Real Time Information (RTI) for PAYE going live for 2013-14


Dear All.

Is there any effective payroll software in terms of its price for an accountancy business? At the moment I am using Iris Basic payroll software and HMRC PAYE tools.


We are looking to move to a new payroll provider, after seeing recommendations on here and other websites have narrowed it down to a few, Moneysoft Payroll Manager 100 being one of


I have a client who needs a new payroll system.

Its a large payroll, 1,000+, but not all of the staff are full time and they are spread over a large number of sites.