It is I’m sure, common knowledge, that it has become increasingly important that HMRC collect tax owed in the most effective way possible to ensure that money is a


Here is some information in case you hadn't found this out all by yourself.


I have just had an unusual request from a potential client. They are employing an EU national senior employee and have asked if I can run the payroll for him.


Around 167,000 employers who have missed one or more deadlines for reporting PAYE information in real time will receive a letter from HMRC this month.


HMRC has launched a new survey to find out how employers are finding the obligation to report PAYE information on or before employees are paid.


The John Lewis Partnership has admitted a payroll accounting error will result in payments and expenses of £40m.


Auto enrolment (AE) has been implemented in large businesses since October 2012 and as part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) commitment to evaluating


There have been a number of reports recently suggesting that as more employers start to report PAYE information in real time, HMRC’s real-time PAYE reporting syste


Does anyone use Miracle Lite to process payroll?  I have an employee who was sick from Friday 19 - Monday 22 July.  His normal work pattern is Monday to Friday, however Saturday and Sunday are legi