I have been running payrolls for 10-20 person companies for many years. They are gradually getting more complicated, what with RTI, auto enrolment, etc.


Scotland as an independent country could have more far reaching effects on payroll and pensions than first thought, says Karen Thomson of the

As NHS executives face investigation for being paid off payroll, an expert has said that it is the "tip of an iceberg" in the public sector amid widespread ignoring of contractor tax rules.


I use Payroll Manager.  For one of the clients there was SMP in month 1 and an EPS was filed.  At this point the Employer Allowance box wasn't ticked as Client was still deciding which business wou


Not sure if this can be done but any inputs will be appreciated.


HMRC is considering making “trivial” benefits in kind to employees exempt from tax.




Auto-enrolment is a hot potato, we know it will taste good eventually but for now it's capable of getting our hands burnt and no-one's too sure they want to have hold of it.


Despite increasing digital development, it appears that employers continue to favour paper pay advice, according to the CIPP’s annual payslip survey.

Am having a mental block (serves me right for trying to work on a bank holiday).