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free money As we trundle towards the end of


I've received an Employer Payment Booklet for 2015-2016 for one of my clients!

Anybody else?



I was hoping someone could help.


Well it has taken some time but are we finally nearing the end of a long and painful journey finding out how micro entities and close companies are expected to dea


In the past business has used bookkeeper's address for payroll, as he lived around the corner from the business.


Accountants have a fantastic opportunity to show why they are the best positioned for trusted advice and guidance, with small businesses counting the cost of the recent holiday pay ruling. 

The argument about how good or bad the Autumn Statement was for the country rumbles on and will probably do so until something more interesting captivates the nati

The senior director / sole shareholder in our company has more or less retired in practical terms, but continues to draw a salary (sub- NIC thresholds) plus dividends which is fine and his prerogat