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HMRC is considering making “trivial” benefits in kind to employees exempt from tax.




Auto-enrolment is a hot potato, we know it will taste good eventually but for now it's capable of getting our hands burnt and no-one's too sure they want to have hold of it.


Despite increasing digital development, it appears that employers continue to favour paper pay advice, according to the CIPP’s annual payslip survey.

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Apprenticeships are an increasingly important part of the government’s long term plan for improved workforce development and enhanced productivity in the UK, expla

I wrote the first version of this article back in November 2012. At the time ISS was under investigation by BBC Radio 5, at least the offshore manning agency established in Sark was.


The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has revealed homeware specialist Dunelm Soft Furnishings underpaid its initial auto enrolment contributions by £143,000 as a result of


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We get a csv report from our outside payroll source.

The headers are as follows:


Following the abolition of the percentage threshold scheme, the CIPP’s Diana Bruce looks at some of the transitional arrangements.