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In the recent case of J Day & A Dalgety, two taxpayers had sold three properties that they owned together.

More cases on the scope of HMRC powers.

Last year, the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) published a report on the penalty regimes applied to taxes.

Straight from the coalface this one. An ethical issue we may all need to consider once penalties for small employers kick in next month.


HMRC’s long-running “soft landing” for the RTI regime took another few steps this morning when it announced a number of 


According to an HMRC press release issued on 2 February around 4.3m customers 


The Pensions Regulator has reported an increase in the number of firms being fined for failing to comply with their workplace pension duties.


If you exceed the road’s speed limit in front of a traffic camera, you expect to receive an automatic speeding fine, and possibly points on your driving licence, says Rebecca Cave.


I have a client for whom SA1 has been submitted (3 days ago) but we have not yet received a UTR and I think are unlikely to before 31 January.


Annoying question for this time of year when we all should be concentrating on other matters, but here goes.