A client has received in January 2012 a £400 penalty for late submission of the P11D for the year ended 5 April 2007.  He is rather upset about this!


I have noticed a recent trend for accountants not to advise clients when tax is payable. In some cases, this policy is clearly stated in the letter of engagement.


I have this afternoon been advised that because of industrial action planned for 31 January, HMRC has taken an early decision not to impose penalties for late filed 2011 returns which are filed on


The new regime for late filing penalties is throwing up a number of challenges for practitioners during the January Self Assessment rush.



I Have recently taken-on a new client- previously he traded as a partnership, but the partnership ceased on 31st march 2011and  incorporated from 1/4/2011

Client is late supplying inforjmation to complete the form

He is assessed by way of Paye but there is a complicated expenses claim


With just over two weeks left of Self Assessment season, AccountingWEB has taken the pulse of the pr


I thought I had heard all the excuses, but most turn out to be fiction!


AccountingWEB member Philip Seligman struck a blow for fairness and proportionality this month when a first tier tribunal overturned his client’s £5,000 penalty.


HMRC has capped penalties for late returns of payment information to contractors under the Construction