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John Flood highlights the recent penalty co-decision of


HMRC has provided some clarification over RTI pilot penalties and late returns after a number of AccountingWEB members set alarm bells ringing last week.


FA 2007, Sch 24, para 11 provides that HMRC may reduce a penalty in the event of special circumstances.

The recent Testa tribunal decision provides a useful argument to secure a penalty suspension. John Flood explains why accountants should be thanking Mr Testa.


From 1 April dishonest tax agents are liable to civil sanctions.


Professional tax bodies are disappointed with the government’s determination to levy in-year penalties


An upper tier tax tribunal has overturned a lower tribunal decision in which the original judge criticised HMRC for using the PAYE penalty system as “cash generating scheme”.


Taxpayers who have yet to file tax returns for 2009/10 have a week left to take advantage of reduced penalties for late returns.

Mike Down and Gary Heynes from Baker Tilly raise concerns that HMRC is applying its ‘new’ penalty regime for inaccurate tax returns a bit too zealously.