According to an HMRC press release issued on 2 February around 4.3m customers 


If you exceed the road’s speed limit in front of a traffic camera, you expect to receive an automatic speeding fine, and possibly points on your driving licence, says Rebecca Cave.



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A Tribunal decision has provided further evidence of the difficulties that HMRC find in monitoring taxpayers’ use of the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS), and how they handle situations when there is an appa


A huge number of VAT and Tax penalties are issued and appealed each year. Few of the decisions raise any significant point of wider significance. But, Total Technology (Engineering) Ltd.

Hi, hope you are well and hope you can help me :)... 1. I've filled my tax return "25 Apr 2012 - 24 Apr 2013" until the "30 Apr 2013". Was it a mistake? 2.


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I can't seem to find any specific reference on or other sources as to how one measures turnover for the purposes of VAT late payment penalties. 


The first tier tribunal has rejected three RTI penalty appeals from the same accounting firm after it experienced problems filing end-of-year annual returns for 20


Individuals earning more than £50,000 who have failed to opt out of child benefit and do not register for self assessment by 5 October risk being severely fined.