The McLaren Formula One team has been able to claim that a £32m penalty for spying on rival Ferrari was tax deductible.


I've just realised that I omitted a benefit of a P11D that was filed on time for 2011-12.  The difference in tax due is £400.00.


A taxpayer who incorrectly claimed tax relief in his tax return has overturned a £14,000 penalty after a tribunal ruled his accountant was to blame for the careless error.


About 500,000 people will be sent sent notices of penalties of at least £1,200 for not submitting their S elf Assessment tax returns, reports Nick Huber.


A man who lost his job has won a four-year battle to overturn a £100 penalty for the late submission of a Self Assessment tax return. Nick Huber reports.


New client came to us as previous agent had stopped answering calls & correpondence and seems to have "vanished".  All HMRC correspondence went to previous agent and client thought all matters


At the end of this week HMRC will start sending out around 900,000 penalty notices for failing to file 2010/11 Self Assessment returns on time.


A client submitted their P35 but omitted some termination payments off which were subject to tax.


I have a client who was late registering for VAT (just short of two months). He has been hit with a late filing penalty under the new regime.