New client came to us as previous agent had stopped answering calls & correpondence and seems to have "vanished".  All HMRC correspondence went to previous agent and client thought all matters


At the end of this week HMRC will start sending out around 900,000 penalty notices for failing to file 2010/11 Self Assessment returns on time.


A client submitted their P35 but omitted some termination payments off which were subject to tax.


I have a client who was late registering for VAT (just short of two months). He has been hit with a late filing penalty under the new regime.


For those who are getting fed up with slow response times from Iris, unfixed bugs in the program and paying a lot for the privilege, plus annual above inflation price increases, you could potential


 I'm about to appeal a penalty determination received today, but wanted to check that I was actually on the right footing....


Had to do a 2009-2010 P35 for client recently and of course have now received £100 penalty

there was no tax or NIC due on the P35


I've just had a letter from HMRC telling me that my corp tax is due on the 1st Jan. I can pay it but my accountant handles all that, and he's on holiday till after the new year.


Hi there,

I am attending to tax returns for a guy who registered as Self Employed several years ago but never actually commenced as Self Employed.