The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has reported that all of the country’s largest businesses have now passed their staging dates for automatic enrolment (AE).

We've put together some comments on the budget pension changes which you can cut and paste into your client newsletters or simply use to help your practice.

If you’re an FD or CFO within a company that has already staged for auto enrolment, we’d love to find out how the experience was for you, good or bad.


It seems the Osborne reforms are popular with the public, does anyone think that popularity's feeding through to the small firms who have to set pension schemes up?


Scotland as an independent country could have more far reaching effects on payroll and pensions than first thought, says Karen Thomson of the

The Three Little Pigs of storybook fame (remember them?) were given an almost impossible task by their Mother Pig.


Paul Foot of Sage is right to point to research carried out by the London Business School that concluded that 103 man days were being devoted to auto-enrolment by compan

The new workplace pension rules are already upon us, whether we like it or not.


Pensions minister Steve Webb told a Friends of Automatic Enrolment meeting last week that he needs to start spending more time with accountants.