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I have a client that has taken advantage of the new pension rules and taken a sizeable lump sum in Month 1, leaving a small amount still in the pot. 


Five key pension providers were brave enough to put themselves forward for questioning at the latest Friends of Auto Enrolment meeting in Bristol.

The Treasury has invited comments for the 2015 Budget.  I set out below some personal thoughts on a Budget for Small Business.  There are plenty of other ideas too – but please Chancellor make the

Ancient philosopher Lao Tzu must have predicted the phased delivery of auto enrolment when he wrote “Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small.


More than 10,000 accountants have read AccountingWEB’s eight-point statement which sets out

What are you doing about AE preparations for 2016 or do you even see a need to prepare for 2016?

Why do you think engaging in AE is important? How do you plan to do it?


2020 Group managing director Ian Fletcher discusses the practical steps you must take to maximise profits around auto enrolment.


Staging for small and micro employers is set to ramp up over the next few years.

HMRC is changing a new form for tax refunds for pension savers after admitting that it was “badly worded” and causing confusion, the