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Philip Fisher

My Christmas stocking from AccountingWEB contained a brand-new crystal ball.

To help your final Christmas shopping plans, AccountingWEB's gadget fans have put their heads together to offer a selection of the year's most desirable technology toys.


Does the prospect of having your own personal tax account with HMRC thrill or terrify you?

It’s a relief to know that HMRC and the government are intent on simplifying some rules within the ever-increasing mass of tax legislation, says Philip Fisher.

Having listened to the latest Autumn Statement proposal, the very cynical might wonder whether HMRC’s biggest enemy today is no longer the multinational conglomerate that arranges its affairs s


Geoffrey Howe likened the task of simplifying Britain’s tax system to painting Brighton’s pier while someone else was extending it to France.


Following the National Audit Office's investigation into the Cup Trust and its criticism of the Charity Commission, tax advisers are once again portrayed in a very poor light.


A popular Edinburgh Fringe venue has resolved an “unpaid monies” tax dispute after reaching agreement with HMRC.

As summer rumbles on, many of us will be enthralled by British sporting achievements. However, our enjoyment may be blighted by the changes wrought by technology.


Overnight, Maria Miller the Culture Secretary has apparently announced that future arts funding will be based on financial returns rather than artistic merit.