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Philip Fisher

The profession seems to be suffering from possibly unprecedented staff shortages that are holding back growth and putting all concerned under pressure.


According to a Co-op survey, cash will be overtaken by contactless technology within a decade.


The Prime Minister could have saved himself a lot of bother had he delivered on an intimation reported in this column exactly four years ago.


The biggest data leak in history could put many high profile individuals behind bars. It might also have a significant effect on the racier end of tax avoidance.


Relatively well paid accountants may scoff at the dizzying prospect of living (starving?) on £7.20 an hour or less than £15,000 a year but how much is enough?


It took some time to get warmed up but for those with an interest in tax and its minutiae, George Osborne’s first Budget of 2016 might well be his most intriguing to date.

This week's Sunday trading debate could change all of our lives. Some might wonder whether accounting firms should also open their doors seven days a week.


The money might be reasonable but the person who takes over from Dame Lin Homer at the head of HMRC will need very thick skin.


How do you feel about professional staff who turn up to the office ornamented and adorned with bodily decorations?


My Christmas stocking from AccountingWEB contained a brand-new crystal ball.