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Philip Fisher

Geoffrey Howe likened the task of simplifying Britain’s tax system to painting Brighton’s pier while someone else was extending it to France.


Following the National Audit Office's investigation into the Cup Trust and its criticism of the Charity Commission, tax advisers are once again portrayed in a very poor light.


A popular Edinburgh Fringe venue has resolved an “unpaid monies” tax dispute after reaching agreement with HMRC.

As summer rumbles on, many of us will be enthralled by British sporting achievements. However, our enjoyment may be blighted by the changes wrought by technology.


Overnight, Maria Miller the Culture Secretary has apparently announced that future arts funding will be based on financial returns rather than artistic merit.


Whether it is media hype or genuine interest, the public seem addicted to professional attempts at second guessing the Chancellor of the Exchequer each year.


The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published a new report calling for

It may have been inevitable but the impending disappearance of the last major physical retailer of music and movies is still to be lamented.


The Chancellor’s share-scheme reforms in Finance Bill 2013 draft clauses got mixed reviews from remuneration tax expert and part-time theatre critic Philip Fisher.

Inspired by a weekend visit to the Royal Academy, our roving columnist Philip Fisher ponders whether artistic or literary tastes might be the best way to find a new recruit.