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More advanced versions of Excel 2013 offer extra analysis and viewing tools that take the spreadsheet into the realm of analytical databases.


This is the fifth part of our series looking at new tools for  

This is the fourth part of our series looking at new tools for working with

Business intelligence expert Philip Taylor (aka ExcelCrafter) puts the case for using the PowerPivo



I have tried to import data using Powerpivot from Sage 50 v18 (2012) but for some reason it just won't connect to the data using the ODBC datasource connection.


Long-time AccountingWEB contributor Simon Hurst has been touring the country extensively for the past two years passing on tips and advice on how to “work harder with Excel 2010”.

Simon Hurst advises how Excel’s PowerPivot add-in can streamline your dashboard measures.

For serious analytical Excel users, the PowerPivot add-in has been a revelation. Simon Hurst presents a preview of features that are about to appear in its next release.


Simon Hurst’s search for a silver bullet to cure Excel hell drew him to a meeting of like-minded enthusiasts at the Slaughtered Lamb in London on 25 January.