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HSBC this morning set aside more than £200m as part of an investigation into the alleged rigging of currency markets, 



I had few bank loans in past with credit card etc. One of my friend has got few grand back from mis sold PPI.

Can anyone help me in claiming PPI back?



Client has asked if HMRC are given details of interest paid to claimants (he hasn't said as much but the implication is that he would prefer not to disclose).


I am sure this must have been asked before but I can't find any details. A client has a business loan and has now received a PPI claim refund for this.


Deloitte has denied being sacked by Lloyds Banking Group to operate a call centre handling payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints after it failed to deal wi

Accountants are in danger of overlooking their clients’ payment protection insurance (PPI) refunds during self assessment season, and may have to file a return for


Dear All,

Am I correct in thinking that the only potential income tax due is that due on the interest that has accrued on the claim? (Not the loan interest refunded or premiums refunded)