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Major changes to pensions and a big increase to the amount of money people can save without paying tax announced in the Budget are likely to increase demand for


You know you want to sack a client, but how can you do this? Mark Lee explores the main options available to you.


With the passing of the self assessment deadline last Friday, AccountingWEB members are already tidying away the tax detritus and considering their priorities fo

Like a marathoner taking his last gruelling paces toward the finish line, the end of self assessment season beckons tonight with its 12pm deadline.


New Year resolutions are too often put to one side as soon as the frenetic self assessment countdown kicks in during January.


Many years ago I spent many happy hours laying naked with Mark Lloydbottom. But no, it’s not what you think...explains Steve Pipe.


UK practitioners have been caught on the hop by clients who are demanding advisory and technology services that their accountants are currently failing to provide, according to new research from In


With just three months to go until the 31 January self-assessment deadline, Ros Campbell says there is still time to prepare your practice.


In his third article on cloud software for practice, John Stokdyk examines what’s currently available, and what’s coming soon.


I was reading Man of Kent's recent blog on where do you want to go got me thinking.