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Early soundings from the Bankstream Accountants Confidence Index survey show the profession in an optimistic mood, but exces

“The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson, the pioneering cyberpunk novelist, remains something of a cult figure, but his epithet has the ring of truth.


“I don’t want to just be a sausage factory banging out accounts.


Accountancy’s accepted wisdom came under a sustained assault from speakers at an event hosted by Receipt Bank in London this week.


AccountingWEB’s 2015 Practice Excellence Programme will kick off this week with an introductory

Accountants coped with the recession better than most professions but firms still face some big challenges as traditional services decline.


I have always loved being a generalist, and usually build a thorough understanding of a client's business quickly, which they seem to appreciate.  BUT now I'd like to grow my practice and I know th


The main lesson from the latest 


I recently turned 40.  Quite a milestone, and one that gave me pause for thought.  It's a bit of a halfway house.  I've now been nearly 20 years in the profession, and in the interests of balance a