practice management

Like many others, a fair amount of my time is being taken on chasing cients for information for their tax returns.


Mark Lee asks how quickly accountants need to adapt to changes in their environment.


I'm in the process of setting up a practice and have identified the following factors that need to be considered.


More than 350 software users and industry representatives are gathering in London on 7 October for the Software Satisfact

The demands of being in practice leaves very little time for anything else, but neglecting your personal development as a leader can spell disaster for your business, explains Finola McManus.

I  need something to automate the sending of engagement letters, reminders for VAT, reminders to carry out year-end procedures etc. Logical Office is overkill and too expensive.


Many firms are operating under ‘survive or thrive’ conditions and are looking to make large scale changes – but too many are forgetting their most important transition tool – their people.


Accountants frequently underestimate the value of their work. John Niland sets out the problem and how it can be solved.


As many of you know I'm in the process of starting out (in fact it's all happening in August - just in time for all my prospective clients to disappear on holiday) in practice and I was looking int