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Nominations for AccountingWEB’s Practice Excellence Awards have officially opened and the

“Growth is not a natural state Growth is never a constant. Don’t assume it,” RSM Tenon chief executive Andy Raynor told an audience of practitioners at this week’s CCH UK conference.

This month should see the IASB introduce a ‘package’ of five new international financial reporting standards (IFRS) relating to consolidation, joint ventures and disclosures.

Are you ‘just’ an accountant, or are you a business adviser as well asks Mark Lee.


Mark Lee interviews Robert Craven who kicked off a storm of comment when he suggested that companies should sack their accountants if they were not contributing to their business growth.


While the rest of the world celebrates New Year at midnight on 31 December, many practitioners defer their real celebrations until the 31 January Self Assessment deadline and then immediately take


Is there an excel database out there to manage run a practice?  We are looking for something off the shelf that can enable us monitor the deadlines for payroll, company year ends etc.


Like many others, a fair amount of my time is being taken on chasing cients for information for their tax returns.


Mark Lee asks how quickly accountants need to adapt to changes in their environment.