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Last year was a challenging environment for accountancy firms, as it was for many professional service organisations.

If you’re buried under paper documents and tax returns at this time of year, there is another way, writes John Stokdyk.


As we begin the New Year, it may be timely to reflect on the learnings’ of some of the well known Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software failures of the last year.

I was shocked, but on reflection not surprised, to read about the


Sloppy, short-sighted accountants are making costly mistakes and harming small businesses, according to a new report authored by Mark Wickersham and Steve Pipe.


Finding savings will always be top of the agenda for Accounting firms faced with the need to drive business improvements while cutting costs.

You will have noticed that the accountancy industry that you work in today has altered radically in the last few years, and the goalposts are still shifting on a regular basis.

Steve Pipe takes a closer look at Woods Squared to find out what makes the Practice Excellence Awards small firm winner so successful.

Practice Excellence Awards judge James Scanlan draws some lessons from the client survey results about how accountants can benefit from being flexible in their client relationships.


In a tough economy where there is significant pricing pressure and more companies are chasing fewer pounds, accounting firms have to work hard to walk the thin line between profit and loss.