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When Nintendo released the Virtual Boy, its clunky 32-bit virtual reality (VR) device, in 1995, it was universally panned.


The Thomson Reuters tax and accounting division unveiled a suite of hosted tools for UK practitioners at the Accountex event in London this month.

<p>This season's "must-have" accessory for technology-savvy accountants is an online client portal, according to the suppliers who are launching or exhibiting such tools at Acc


CCH, the tax and practice software wing of Wolters Kluwer, is the latest developer to introduce a web portal for sharing and approving documentation with clients.


Buckinghamshire-based practice Connolly Accountants has grown rapidly since pioneering online accou

At what point should a firm drop the DIY approach? Mark Lee asks Adam Maurice for advice on the IT support options for accountants and their clients.


Why read a survey when the suppliers can tell you what it says?

Evidence is emerging that AccountingWEB members are breaking their traditional computing habits and migrating from Windows to Macs in increasing numbers.


To conclude her series of IT tips for sole practitioners, Anne Fairpo considers some of the options for managing your time and workload.


In part two of her IT advice column for sole practitioners, Anne Fairpo offers some ideas on how to get from paper to electronic documents.