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We received a lot of very tongue-in-cheek suggestions for our top 10 practice hacks.



I am ashamed to say my handwriting has got so bad that i sometimes can't read my meeting notes.


I find I'm increasingly being asked for a wide variety of references on behalf of  clients.


A couple of threads have reminded me of an accountant I knew quite well, but have lost contact with.


As I didn’t dare hope, the Treasury continue down the pension reform fairway.

In his latest video blog ICPA Chairman Tony Margaritelli give his top 5 tips for start up practices.


Hi all,

I will try to be fast and clear.

I would like some information about my rights as company director with NO Income.


I am part of a group bringing out a new insurance policy to cover personal guarantees for directors' loans. The policy will only pay out on the insolvency of the company.


Juggling a busy accounting career while completing a three-year CIOT course and examinations is no mean feat.

We've put together some comments on the budget pension changes which you can cut and paste into your client newsletters or simply use to help your practice.