An accountant who was sentenced to two years in prison for insider dealing in shares has been excluded from the ICAEW.


Back in February, accounting software providers Keytime started blogging about their customers’ in

I am a trainee and have only ever worked in one office and it made me think, "Are all accountancy offices so quiet?"


Can anyone offer an answer on the following situation-A student with no other taxable income has received about £18000 royalties from his late fathers estate and the Canadian Tax Authorities have d


I am really just starting out in practice and need to buy a new accounts package.


Parent and subsidiary rerlationship. Parent is leasing property to subsidiary. Is SDLT payable on the transaction or can group relief be obtained?

I've been trying to understand my own small practice. I work from home and I don't have any staff.


I was wondering if anyone thought a discussion group for freebies would interest anyone.


(Unpaid) I prepare accounts for a Scottish Local Community Association (LCA), turnover variable but <£5,000 this year.


I only recently started my practice (September 2012), it has been a struggle to get new clients and despite my efforts getting a little frustrated