It's great that my weekly articles on AccountingWeb generally seem to be so popular. I've covered a range of topics over the years and never seem to struggle for inspiration.


Dear Friends,

I hope you can help, as nobody to date in the offices of HMRC anywhere has been able to advise me how I can proceed with this matter.


Accountants, of all professionals, are the ones who should be best placed to set their fees so as to cover their costs and generate a sufficient profit, writ


Is there a relataively cheap timesheet package/program that sole trade / one man band type practices use to manage WIP when you are working on a numbe of clients in one day.


Hi. Been in practice number of years and not once had a bad debt, until now.


Taxes in Scotland could rise by £1,000 per person per year if it leaves the UK, a British government minister has claimed. The Scottish government has dismissed the figures and said that an indepen


I did a search on AW for Company secretarial software. I could not find any glowing recommendations in this area. 


My client received a benefit in kind from her employer, Bupa but wasn't told she had to complete a tax return and has been fined, I completed her returns and no tax was due , can I appeal agai


I am an IT contractor who operate through a one man Ltd company. I am about to go into an IR35 caught contract for a few months and am planing the tax implication.