Accountants, of all professionals, are the ones who should be best placed to set their fees so as to cover their costs and generate a sufficient profit, writ


Is there a relataively cheap timesheet package/program that sole trade / one man band type practices use to manage WIP when you are working on a numbe of clients in one day.


Hi. Been in practice number of years and not once had a bad debt, until now.


Taxes in Scotland could rise by £1,000 per person per year if it leaves the UK, a British government minister has claimed. The Scottish government has dismissed the figures and said that an indepen


I did a search on AW for Company secretarial software. I could not find any glowing recommendations in this area. 


My client received a benefit in kind from her employer, Bupa but wasn't told she had to complete a tax return and has been fined, I completed her returns and no tax was due , can I appeal agai


I am an IT contractor who operate through a one man Ltd company. I am about to go into an IR35 caught contract for a few months and am planing the tax implication.


Hi guys,



My client has the full 30 years of NIC contributions after being employed throughout that time. He was made redundant last year and is now self employed with a small council pension at age 59.


I have several vintage cars and as I am coming up to the last bend, I would like to pass them on to my children.