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Practitioner's Diary

My 6-year old grandson is showing worrying signs that he may have an aptitude for accountancy.


The Autumn Statement was the typically upbeat message you'd expect with a general election coming next May. However, I haven't found much in the way of good news for many of my clients.


Our recent security breach with our HMRC agent's login has taught us that we need to be more disciplined in protecting and then regularly changing our passwords.


I think it must be my age.


Looks like my longest-running - in fact, currently my only - tax enquiry is coming to the inevitable conclusion.

How's your IT security? Could be better? From my recent experience we could probably all be better.


I get the impression that most accountants would opt for the latter.


One of the things that sets a good restaurant or hotel apart from the average ones is great service.

I get the feeling that as practices become more and more focused on limited company clients we are all becoming more deadline-driven.


... it being I.T., that is, information technology.

My third tip for start-up practices is simply: use technology to the max.