Practitioner's Diary

Our recent security breach with our HMRC agent's login has taught us that we need to be more disciplined in protecting and then regularly changing our passwords.


I think it must be my age.


Looks like my longest-running - in fact, currently my only - tax enquiry is coming to the inevitable conclusion.

How's your IT security? Could be better? From my recent experience we could probably all be better.


I get the impression that most accountants would opt for the latter.


One of the things that sets a good restaurant or hotel apart from the average ones is great service.

I get the feeling that as practices become more and more focused on limited company clients we are all becoming more deadline-driven.


... it being I.T., that is, information technology.

My third tip for start-up practices is simply: use technology to the max.


My tip No.2 for start-up practices is one born out of the pain and hassle of not doing this myself in the first place.


Over the years I have probably mused on this topic many times.