Practitioner's Diary

One of the things that sets a good restaurant or hotel apart from the average ones is great service.

I get the feeling that as practices become more and more focused on limited company clients we are all becoming more deadline-driven.


... it being I.T., that is, information technology.

My third tip for start-up practices is simply: use technology to the max.


My tip No.2 for start-up practices is one born out of the pain and hassle of not doing this myself in the first place.


Over the years I have probably mused on this topic many times.


Nearly at the end of the 2014 P11Ds, just a few stragglers to pick off when they return from Glastonbury Festival.


An email targeting accountants which purports to be from a potential client but contains a virus has been doing the rounds, according to AccountingWEB members.


June seems to come round with alarming regularity, and with it the annual dash to get P11D returns filed.

And once again I'm left with a feeling that most of them are probably wrong.


It's been one of those days today. I formed a new company for a client on 22 April and have been waiting for the UTR for weeks now.


Like most practices, we get a steady stream of prospective new clients coming to us out of the blue, especially when SA returns first drive in April/May, and again in December/January when panic se