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professional ethics

What are my obligations, both in terms of professional ethics and legally, if I know a fraud has taken place?


Senior management and boards of directors are failing to review, analyse and monitor ethics information, according to a new report from CIMA and the AICPA.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) has produced a new animation to remind its members and students about their obligations to comply with the institute’s code of

Former CIMA council member Margaret May is appealing the recent decision of CIMA that she violated the institute's code


Professional ethics – two words which are central to our profession.


My friend has asked her previous accountant for information relating to last years tax return, to enable completion of this years tax return.(Capital Allowance info, and opening tb analysis) They h

People are drawn towards a career in accountancy for a variety of reasons, but the chances are you’ll be good with numbers, and enjoy working with them, as well as taking a genuine interest in


I have been approached by a prospective client to act for them, but they are currently with an accountant who I know, but only from meeting at CPD events.   The reason for moving to me is that I am


Mark Lee looks at some of the challenges of being in practice and asks how accountants balance the need to be commercial with the need to be honest.