property tax

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Husband and Wife own a rental property as joint tenants.

Wifes income is currently in higher tax band and expected to continue this way.


What is the difference between an investment and a business under the tax system?

We all know that the British have two obsessions - the weather and house prices, writes Jennifer Adams.

Repeated queries in AccountingWEB's Any Answers section indicates that something is stirring up interest in property tax issues.


Hopes of major windfalls in the holiday letting industry were dashed when the upper tribunal overturned a first-tier ruling on business property relief in the case of


In December 2012 the government introdduced new targeted anti-avoidance rules (TAARs) in its latest b

Changes to property tax were among the more eye-catching measures introduced in the 1000-page plus


A recent UITF update on the accounting for residential management companies raised as many questions as it answered.


Next, the clothing and household furnishings retailer, has lost an appeal worth £19m to claim tax allowances for its warehouses. Nick Huber reports.