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public accounts committee

HMRC should introduce a new code of conduct for tax advisers and argue for more resources to help it collect more tax, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said.


While grilling former permanent secretary of HMRC Dave Hartnett and current tax assurance commissioner Edward Troup, PAC chairperson Margaret Hodge accused HMRC of unfairly targeting small busi


PwC has rejected a claim by MPs that the Big Four accounting firm is promoting tax avoidance on an "industrial scale".


Directors at HMRC have defended their management of the 400 tax reli


HMRC and the Treasury do not keep track of tax reliefs intended to encourage particular behaviour to meet social or economic policy objectives, according to the National Audit Office.


The chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee has warned against countries “adopting a two-faced approach” to tax policy by signing up to international standards while engaging in tax c


MPs on the House of Commons Treasury Committee will question tax experts on Tuesday, 28 October in the first evidence session in an

Tax reliefs are a necessary part of any tax system and play a significant role in defining the scope of tax, HM Treasury has said in response to the Public Accounts Committee’s finding in June that


HMRC's chief executive, Lin Homer, has told MPs that it will let the National Audit Office check its forecasts for tax collection after it 


The UK's 1,000-plus tax reliefs are confusing and help people avoid or evade tax, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has said.