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For the last hour (from 5pm Friday 8th Jan), I have been unable to sign into Quickbooks Online. No problem earlier in the day.

Anyone else or is it just me?


I am helping a client choose an accounting package for her small business.  For various reasons it is likely to be Quickbooks.


US accounting software giant Intuit has released an online version of QuickBooks tailored for the self-employed.


QB2016 has been released and there is a change in terms ,  in short subject to a few provisos you now rent the desktop software rather than buy it ,more income presumably.


Accountants can find joy, not just profit, in automation, according to visitors and vendors at last week’s AIMS conference in Birmingham.

Intuit has launched QuickBooks Payments, a new platform within QuickBooks Online that allows users to email customised invoices and include a ‘Pay Now’ button.

QuickBooks has launched Apps.com, a marketplace for the 100 or so add-ons that connect to QuickBooks Online (QBO). 


Hi there, 


I am a bookkeeper who is feeling a little out of her depth... 



Like many accountants I am sure most of our clients use either Excel, Quickbooks (Desktop) or Sage (Desktop) but there is no denying that the cloud is the future.


Updates to QuickBooks Online (QBO) and other cloud accounting engines are becoming global occasions.