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QuickBooks 2008. A client wants to produce order acknowledgements for clients so she raises an invoice  and marks it as pending. This appears to book the entries (sales, VAT, debtor) immediately.


I have recently started my own practice


I am looking for free or very cheap accounting software for my students to use to practice at home whilst training in bookkeeping.


The imminent arrival of real time information (RTI) for PAYE is causing a degree of unease and debate in the marketplace.


US developer Intuit has targeted the UK accountancy profession with a new version of QuickBooks tailored for their needs.


For all the buzz about Cloud accounting, the Software Satisfaction Awards 2012 confirm that Sage 50 Accounts and QuickBooks both continue to support sizeable numbers of users.


I am going to see a client on Monday who is using quickbooks. I am prepared for there to be loads of errors, and have already agreed that if I sort this out I will be using Sage, not QB.


I saw a TV advert yesterday for QB Online. That's something in itself ! But never having been a QB fan or user I was wondering if this product is any good.


Dear QuickBooks gurus,

Please see this image, which is the "journal" report for a purchase (accounts payable) invoice.