I saw a TV advert yesterday for QB Online. That's something in itself ! But never having been a QB fan or user I was wondering if this product is any good.


Dear QuickBooks gurus,

Please see this image, which is the "journal" report for a purchase (accounts payable) invoice.

If I change the EU goods VAT codes in QuickBooks, will it affect old transactions?

Client using Quickbooks for sales ledger only for several years, so the VAT processes are out of date.  We don't need to worry about the content of the VAT history becuase VAT was calculated elsewh


Hi Im basically following the instructions from this topic:

A client needs invoices generated by Quickbooks to be submitted in XML format. Customer wants invoices in XML format. Non compliance seem to be causing delayin paying .


I have been talking to a potential client who is struggling to get tailored information from their quickbooks system.  I am satisfied that I can adapt VT to allow them to access the information tha

We are in the process of adding the facility to import from QuickBooks data files (.QBW) into our final accounts package.


Does anyone know of a QuickBooks add-in that automatically emails recurring invoices?  I know I can do it manually, but I am very lazy.