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Real Time Information

Director 1 man band client has paid over 35 years worth of NI, and is going onto dividends only from now on. He still needs a payroll scheme for P11D purposes only.


Why are standard hours reported via RTI so important for Universal Credit?


At last, the long awaited penalties for month 12/quarter four have started to arrive with employers and agents, writes Kate Upcraft.


Hi all,


I have lots of one man band payroll clients and process an annual salary of £10600 (10k in 14/15) to take advantage of the ER's NI relief.


The introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) has had a considerable effect on businesses and their Accountants.

I’m a trusting soul, so when I was told by HMRC that the April Employer Bulletin would clarify what the PAYE penalty regime is now, I believed them.


Do you have to make RTI returns each week/month for 1 man band companies?  These directors' returns are nil returns mostly as they do not have any NI and payroll liabilities.


Our client has a pub and pays staff in cash at the end of each shift from the till.  So we have been filing weekly RTI in accordance with the rules.