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I am very confused and would appreciate clarification if anyone has any more detailed knowledge.


I have a client who wishes to pay the director (the only employee) annually.  How do I set this up with HMRC so they are only expecting one FPS per year?  Is there an RTI submission I can make?


Somehow in using online banking we omitted part of our PAYE reference when paying HMRC. The amounts were allocated in one case to the previous year and in another to "suspense".


HMRC has announced that its semi-annual software upgrade will take place over the weekend of 5-6 April.


HMRC said it has fixed errors in its employment records.


As part of AccountingWEB’s investigation into real time information, Nick Huber looks into the technology that drives HMRC’s PAYE reporting processes.


HMRC has responded to queries raised on AccountingWEB about


Despite mistakenly sending late filing alerts to 400,000 organisations earlier this month, HMRC’s head of personal tax reassured AccountingWEB members that the real time reporting system for PAYE i


We have a small business client with half a dozen or so on the payroll.


Who would have thought that attempts to reform the 60-year-old PAYE system would produce a week of such high drama, writes John Stokdyk.