Real Time Information

My client told me paydate is 23rd of the month. However, I only received his payroll this morning, so I felt obliged to change payroll date to 24th.


Some Sage Payroll users were affected by errors in their end-of-year P35 submissions.


What, really, does RTI stand for?


HMRC have announced that the introduction of Real Time Information reporting has been temporarily relaxed again.


HMRC has extended the temporary relaxation of real time information (RTI) reporting rules for small businesses for a further six months to April 2014.


HMRC said it has sent penalty warnings to a small number of employers using products from 'one pa



I've just gone through some pain on the phone to HMRC about a P35 Interim Penalty Letter and wondered if anyone else had the same trouble. What happened is:


HMRC has attempted to fix a national insurance (NI) number verification problem under RTI by issuing numbers without the final letter (A B, C or D).


The introduction of RTI has clearly been a major issue for anyone in the payroll software industry, and the results of a couples of years work are currently being tested in the heat of action.