Real Time Information

Dear All,

Please bear with me, this is my first post and I hope I am doing this correctly and posting in the right place.



Ok, feeling pleased today.

P35’s almost done.

Lots of director only payrolls all sorted for RTI.


Client usually pays staff 4th or 5th of month, but contract stipulates 7th of month.  They get paid as soon as I send back the data, and I don't recall data being sent to me as late as 7th in the s


I have just made an RTI submission on Moneysoft and forgot to change the default 'other' in hours worked to 30+ which is what it should have been - does this matter for the first submission as I ha


I'm using HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools to complete my 2012-13 Employer returns.



While researching my round-up of RTI teething troubles this week, I was told by Peter Prater at payr


With Real Time Information (RTI) for PAYE going live for 2013-14



Processing a small weekly payroll for a social club, using Sage Instant Payroll.


I am not expecting anybody to be able to help with this one - but if anyone has an IT-lingo to English translation handbook ready could they explain this error when using HMRC Basic PAYE Tools 2013