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Real Time Information

HMRC has launched a new survey to find out how employers are finding the obligation to report PAYE information on or before employees are paid.


I have 2 one man companies for whom I set up a payroll scheme purely so that I could apply for a P11D exemption.


There have been a number of reports recently suggesting that as more employers start to report PAYE information in real time, HMRC’s real-time PAYE reporting syste


Interesting comment today in today's Daily Express which reports that experts have highlighted problems arising from HMRC's RTI PAYE system that was introduced in April.


Limited company contractors who want to pay themselves annually inste


Some interesting comment today from Kate Upcraft, payroll adviser at ISIS.


An HMRC review hailing the successes of the RTI pilot scheme met a storm of criticism from payroll and software specialists who do not take such a rosy view of the online PAYE filing project.


For payroll where I only have one or two directors with a constant salary all year, I filed all my RTI returns early in the year for the whole year.


Not surprisingly given the amount of red tape seems to keep increasing (despite government's stated policy of trying to reduce it....), small and medium-sized businesses have experienced an increas

HMRC this week trumpeted the success so far of its transition to real time information (RTI) for PAYE, with head of RTI communications Jane Brothwood claiming in a blog that more than 1.5m empl