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Real Time Information

STOP PRESS (12 Feb): HMRC has announced that it will delay the introduction of automatic penalities for late filing and late payment following a series of teething troubles with the online fili


Got a load today. For the period ending 5th February. Even though the pay date is today!!!


UPDATE 29 January: HMRC has confirmed that the problems it was having with missing data in its Business Tax Dashboard extended beyond the tax mont


The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced it will link benefits with the PAYE tax system via RTI in order to combat fraud.


HMRC has given microbusinesses, or businesses with nine or fewer employees, an extra two years to prepare for RTI.


After the main migration to RTI this April the last six months or so have flushed out several issues which have been causing problems for employers, explains


The introduction of real time information, including a new electronic


I have a basic question but it's unanswered despite trawling the HMRC website and indeed this forum.


HMRC has alerted businesses that unused Pay As You Earn (PAYE) schemes


HMRC is claiming that RTI has lived up to expectations for reducing the burden of online payroll filing, despite evidence of technical problems experienced by 36