Real Time Information

The introduction of RTI has clearly been a major issue for anyone in the payroll software industry, and the results of a couples of years work are currently being tested in the heat of action.

Employers are unable to use the real time PAYE tax system to report new annual schemes or changes in payment date


Is anyone else observing differences between tax and NIC totals reported via RTI and liabilities showing on Online Services? 


Most employers are now on their way with RTI and with hardly time for a sigh of relief, it will be time to think about automatic enrolment, the 'next big thi


Client, who had previously been running own payroll told me last Friday that he had not paid staff for April yet. I told him this option was no longer open to him as we had passed 5th May.


Have just received notice from HMRC quoting Nino I gave for someone's employee and instructing me to take off the end letter.     Paragraph        Have they gone mad, or am I just undereducated?


I have a client, just the one employee, who didn't receive any pay in April.  My understanding was that under RTI there would be no FPS to file, but instead there would be an EPS.


Weekly payroll client has just sent me this week's payroll with a sick note for the period 09/04/13 to 07/05/13. He says it took a long time to get it.


I have put my one man band companies onto a quarterly system where they don't receive their first net pay until 6th June. There is therefore no payroll to run in M1 and M2.


As the volume of RTI traffic surged at the end of April, AccountingWEB was swamped with rumours, warnings and panics about the new real time information (RTI) regime for PAYE.