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Rebecca Benneyworth

Now that the excitement of Budget 2015 is over, the real business of understanding and interpretation begins.


Ahead of her self assessment surgery with Sage next week, Rebecca Benneyworth casts an eye over the topics she sees people tripping up over so far this tax season.


The government pulled some of its punches and went for a low-impact approach in draft clauses published for the Finance Bill 2015 - but there are still some

The company car is being taxed out of existence, whether you’re going for a low emissions or high emissions vehicle, and it’s just not worth it anymore, says Rebec


Businesses who make and sell apps or provide digital services to consumers in the European Union will see their paperwork increase in January due to new legislation to counter tax avoidance, ex


AccountingWEB will be hosting a Finance Act 2014 webinar with Rebecca Benneyworth at 11am on Monday 4 August.

In spite of a call from the House of Lords last week to