Rebecca Benneyworth

Businesses who make and sell apps or provide digital services to consumers in the European Union will see their paperwork increase in January due to new legislation to counter tax avoidance, ex


AccountingWEB will be hosting a Finance Act 2014 webinar with Rebecca Benneyworth at 11am on Monday 4 August.

In spite of a call from the House of Lords last week to


ICAEW Tax Faculty chairman Rebecca Benneyworth addresses some of the questions that have been raised in recent months about HMRC’s long-term Agent Strategy.


If you watch BT Sport on Monday night, you might notice a familiar face.


Tax specialists from across the profession have come to a broad consensus that reform is needed for a better international tax system rather than a complete overha


Amended Finance Bill 2013 clauses to implement the cash-accounting basis for tax have been accompanied by a changes to enact new, flat-rate expenses calculations w


George Osborne announced in the Budget that from 1 April 2015 the main rate of corporation tax will be reduced to 20%,