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I am wondering how people deal with the following:


The question of what to do with old or out of date client records regularly crops up at this time of year. Rachael Power collects a range of answers.


Timothy Lynch, the director of a Blackburn vehicle recovery business, has been disqualified from being a company director for eight years for failing to keep prope


Has anyone out there come across a practical cloud based bookkeeping alternative to the clunky mouse-driven rubbish currently on offer?


It would not have escaped members’ notice that ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ ar


Accountancy is often perceived to be a dull, drab, dry profession. Working in the music industry on the other hand is believed to be glamorous, lucrative and exciting.

Rebecca Benneyworth considers the evidence gathered during HMRC’s pilot record checks in 2006-7 and considers what its new approach will mean for advisers and their clients in 2011.


Proposals by HMRC to check record keeping by SMEs are flawed, says the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) in its response to


HMRC is planning a programme of Business Record Checks into the records kept by SMEs and has issued a consultation document.


We have recently completed a reference to a letting agent confirming our clients income etc.