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Straight from the coalface this one. An ethical issue we may all need to consider once penalties for small employers kick in next month.


With the passing of another year in the payroll calendar, questions are still being asked on AccountingWEB about why so many errors are arising around the data submitted via real time informati


HMRC this week published a last chance reminder that the deadline for companies with fe


To introduce our new specialist payroll contributor AccountingWEB asked Kate Upcraft to give us an update on the issue that is causing accountants the most concern: RTI.


Responding to continuing confusion and frustration on the issue, John Stokdyk attempts to describe how HMRC’s automatic penalty system will function for late RTI filings.


HMRC’s long-running “soft landing” for the RTI regime took another few steps this morning when it announced a number of 


With automatic penalties for late PAYE filing due to come into force for small companies from 5 March - the first notices will arrive just over a month later - HMRC has alerted employers to new


Councils are being encouraged to use RTI to spot fraudulent claims for housing benefit.

Can anyone advise the easiest way to register a clients PAYE scheme as an annual scheme with HMRC.  There doesn't appear to be anyway to do this online or when first registering the scheme.


Accountants and payroll providers will now not be notified when a client receives an RTI penalty, HMRC has said, in addition to relaxing the need for employers to answer extra questions on the F