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Sage provide a variety of options for users of Instant Accounts and Line 50 to choose from when creating a new company and defining a relevant chart of accounts (COA).

UK accounting software giant Sage grabbed the headlines on the first day of Accountex with two major cloud announcements.


My client has produced their first VAT return using Sage One. They have also produced the usual pdf reports to support the return.  


Is there a nominal code for Prepaid Income in Sage50 Accounts?

If not, what should I use instead?





I searched the internet today (29th April 2014) to identify potential sources for a client who might purchase a version of Sage Instant or Line 50 to facilitate their use of my company's 3rd party

Hi there, 


I am a bookkeeper who is feeling a little out of her depth... 



In his first public outing new Sage CEO Stephen Kelly gave his enthusiastic support for George Osborne's plans to automate the sel


Despite many years of experience I have recently committed one of the worst crimes possible when dealing with a new client - I unintentionally set expectations at a level that was too high.

Hi, we are experiencing an issue with Sage whereby it is duplicating entries on Purchase Orders but only for one supplier. Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance!