Just 2% of business owners said they’d talk to their bank manager for business advice.


I'm involved in a startup outsourcing business. We need something to handle accounting, multi-client payroll, and preferably job costing (client billing).

Sage’s UK Accountants’ Division this week introduced an online document portal that represents its first move into developing specific web-based tools for ac


Here is some information in case you hadn't found this out all by yourself.


I understand that Sage 50 (2013 and earlier versions) cannot cope with negative values on sales invoices raised within the program, but has anyone heard of an add-on that can be purchased to cope w


I extract sage data to excel via MS Query.  The data is a range of transactions specific to a particular project.  I then need to add a column to the table to assign a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS


I'm sure this used to be easy to do but am struggling to find the details in 2013 Sage.


Now in its umpteeth year, the 2014 upgrade for Sage's flagship UK desktop accounting package has been released to the market branded as “the VAT edition”.



I have a problem which I have a possible idea of how to fix but I would like to hear other answers to double check please.