I have run the year end on Sage and discovered that a number of nominal accounts that were intended to be P&L accounts and therefore cleared out at the year end have a balance forward so must h


Hello.. friends

Can anyone tell me what is difference between sage accounts professional 2012 and sage account client manager 2012?



I hope someone (hopefully a few people) will help me with regard to the following:


I do the bookkeeping for a charity. I started a month ago and I am completing the Q2 report. The problem is the charity generally recharges expenses retrospectively between departments.



I am new to the forum, so please excuse me if this has been answered elsewhere.

I was talking to a Sage salesman today. He claimed that Sage had 92% of the accounting software market.


I am looking for free or very cheap accounting software for my students to use to practice at home whilst training in bookkeeping.


My new client has been doing his books in sage instant accounts plus version 14.

When I run a trial balance, it does not balance.


Since running my last vat return i have ran the year end.

today i went to run my vat return for the quarter and it says they are no transactions found.


The big challenge of real time information (RTI) for PAYE is familiarising yourself with the main requirements and adapting your processes.