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HMRC has won a major tax avoidance case against Abbey National Treasury Services (ANTS) and Cater Allen International Ltd (CAIL), which are both part of the Santander banking group.


Agents and taxpayers can no longer pay cash or cheques of more than £10,000 via the Post Office, after Santander brought in a new temporary measure.


Cloud accounting firm Clear Books has been selected for a new online service Santander is offering small business banking customers,

I want to open a bank account for my new e-commerce startup venture. I am considering Santander - if only because I have used all the others at one time or another. Any advice yes or no?


Up to 1,000 taxpayers were charged more than once when paying their income tax due to a technical glitch with Santander’s payment system.


Santander issued a scrip dividend in November 2009 instead of paying a regular dividend.  If a UK client received this, do I need to put anything on his 2009/10 tax return about the "dividend"?  If


I am a retired teacher/postman. For the last 4 years I have taken my tax return to the local tax office who have filled this in for me (I have provided all the correct details for them).