Politicians need to give “considerable and careful” thought to the implications of further devolution of tax powers to Scotland, a leading professional body has warned as a commission seeks agr

The three major UK political parties agree that corporation tax should not be devolved to Scotland to avoid the risk of a “race to the bottom”, the Financial Times reported this morning after t

Tax professionals have welcomed confirmation of the Scottish government’s decision to abolish the “slab system” used to fix stamp duty land tax (SDLT) rates, but observed that the land and buil


Politicians must confront “the crucial question” of how much tax competition they are willing to entertain within the UK, the Chartered Institute of Taxation has warned after the prime minister

Parting words to Mrs Y last night were "tomorrow we may be waking up in a foreign country" .


David Cameron has set the stage for an unprecedented debate on tax and spending powers after Scotland voted to remain in the United Kingdom.


There's really no escaping it - the Scottish referendum is all that's talked about this week in national and even regional press. 


A No vote on Thursday will trigger “a major, unprecedented programme of devolution”, with major new powers over tax for the Scottish Parliament, the prime minister said this afternoon after a p

When Scottish electors cast their votes in the independence referendum on 18 September, a ‘no’ outcome would result in greater devolution of tax powers to Holyrood


We're ramping up our coverage of the Independence vote - as you may have seen on site.