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With eyes still heavy from blissful sleep, we at AccountingWEB towers received a vaguely believable email scam this morning – so beware!


Online accounting software provider Xero sent an email to users overnight warning them tha


Fraudsters are targeting tax-credit claimants with scam emails, fake websites and text messages in the run-up to the 31 July renewals deadline, HMRC has warned.

Cloud accounting took centre stage at the recent Accountex event and attendees seemed more eager than ever to move their operations onto the web – but the technology’s meteoric rise has been ac


Microsoft stumbled into security SNAFU when its December bug-fix for Microsoft Office ( MS14-082) disabled ActiveX form controls in Microsoft Excel and other Off

Aaron Yates, managing director of IT security and advisory firm Berea, explains why accountants are increasingly

An email targeting accountants which purports to be from a potential client but contains a virus has been doing the rounds, according to AccountingWEB members.


People claiming tax credits are being warned about scam or “phishing” emails from fraudsters in the run-up to the 31 July deadline for renewing claims.

The average cost of information security breaches affecting UK businesses has almost doubled in the past year, even though there has been a slight fall in the number of incidents, according to PwC’

As Microsoft ends support for Windows XP today - which means no more official security updates and bug f