Cloud storage sounds ideal: it makes your information easy to access and easy to share; storage space is unlimited and it’s low cost, explains


HMRC has announced it will be trialling “a range” of mobile devices with staff including iPads, tablets and hybrid laptops over the coming months.  


While online filing removes the pressure of being bogged down with paperwork, it does throw up another concern - client data security.


The recent debate on AccountingWEB about the pros and cons of Dropbox for exchanging client documents took a worrying twist last week when the online storage service admitted it had been hacked.


Collaboration and client portals are all the rage and the Dropbox online storage service is proving to be a popular choice.


Malware attacks on mobile phones – particularly mobile those using Google’s Android operating system - are on the rise according to security firm Sourcefire.

Last night , once again , the local scallies stole the wee plastic covered magnet that completes the alarm setting procedure.


Protecting client data continues to cause headaches for accountants. Henry Osadzinski takes iStorage's disk-based solution for a test drive.

Phishers never sleep.