Implementing a centralised firewall policy can regulate changes and boost security, explains Reuven Harrison. 

A limited company received a copy of a search carried out on it by its bankers.  The record showed a number of old satisfied  charges, which will obviously affect its rating if any credit checks ar


Fraudulent “phishing” emails purporting to be from the taxman have risen by about 300% over the past year, according to HMRC.

Cybercriminals are taking a “steal everything” approach to gathering information about individuals and businesses, according to David Emm, senior security researcher at

Till recently I had no idea what jail breaking an iphone meant. My understanding is that this is to allow non apple apple software to be loaded to iphone.


Cath Everett explores the implications of tougher data breach rules proposed by the European Commission


I believe some unknown virus has destroyed my laptop.


HMRC rang today advising that my online security on their website had been breached. They named one client.I confirmed the identity of the caller via the online services desk.


The Easter weekend was marked by a trio of web outages, one of which was accompanied by warnings from Sony that its PlayStation network may have been hacked and users’ personal details compromised.