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Security breaches and network intrusions from outside agents have rocketed in the past two years, according to the 2012

An IT security entrepreneur has lauched, a free site offering security tips for businesses and cons


Saw an advert on TV for spy text divert either a copy or actual text to someone elses phone.Have you been affected by this and what precautions can you take to protect yourself?

KPMG has recruited a former Barclays Bank information risk managing director as a partner in its information protection and business resilience practice.

Implementing a centralised firewall policy can regulate changes and boost security, explains Reuven Harrison. 

A limited company received a copy of a search carried out on it by its bankers.  The record showed a number of old satisfied  charges, which will obviously affect its rating if any credit checks ar


Fraudulent “phishing” emails purporting to be from the taxman have risen by about 300% over the past year, according to HMRC.

Cybercriminals are taking a “steal everything” approach to gathering information about individuals and businesses, according to David Emm, senior security researcher at

Till recently I had no idea what jail breaking an iphone meant. My understanding is that this is to allow non apple apple software to be loaded to iphone.