Smelly soap and cosmetic retailer Lush is reeling this week a major security breach on its webshop.

Seven out of 10 employees plan to take confidential company data with them when leave a firm, according to security experts at Impervia.


Software developer Eric Butler has made a free program that allows anyone to login to popular websit


Police in the UK, US and Ukrane last week arrested almost 100 people as part of an international operation to disrupt the


The media firestorm surrounding the PAYE under- and overpayment letters that went out to 45,000 taxpayers this week has provided an ideal opportunity for scammers, according to Sophos security expe


The business software trade body BASDA this week introduced a new code of practice for security


Andrew Fourie outlines the key security concerns for employers extending the office network outside company walls.


I have a client who has been waiting more than seven (7) weeks for a tax refund in excess of £6000 to be issued.


Nick Cavalancia outlines how firms can better protect sensitive data when equipping employees to work from home.

Accountants have often been early adopters of technology, for example in embracing remote and home working.