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Following last week's data loss at Sidekick, Stewart Twynham takes a hard look at the realities of the Cloud and raises the questions you need to ask suppliers.


As IT security continues to hit the headlines, Jon Wilcox hears about how the next generation of hackers is being trained to do battle with the online marauders. 

Ross Walker of IT security company Symantec reveals his top five tips for businesses.

A 32-year-old man has been arrested and released on bail as part of a joint investigation by the Metropolitan Police and HMRC into fraudulent online tax rebate claims.


IDC identifies the biggest threat to IT systems and it’s not the faceless shadow of hackers. Jon Wilcox reports.


An internet row broke out on Friday around the web-based accounting application KashFlow. John Stokdyk reports


Criminals will always look for the easy way in, be it burglary or IT crime. Are agent login details an open door invitation to fraudsters?


“Sophisticated criminal gangs” behind spate of identity hijacks; investigation ongoing as HMRC warns people to be careful with sensitive ID details.


This afternoon, my husband (co-director ) tried to logged in the Inland Revenue website. We have been using same user ID and password since 2004. This afternoon it did not work.


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