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Self Assessment

At the beginning of the week I had about 24 tax returns to do and now I'm down to 12.


When approaching the finish line, athletes need to summon the final spurt of energy in order to finish the race. This is no different for accountants when they see the self assessment


HMRC’s new self assessment ad campaign requires a double take when you first come across it.

The end is in sight for many practitioners filing self assessment returns. However, not all accountants are ready to celebrate.

If you're sending tax returns by email you should take steps to protect yourself.


HMRC has given new instructions for accountants struggling to make the SA deadline after the UK’s December flooding havoc.

Does your mind wander when faced with a stack of tax returns? You’re not alone.

New research from CABA indicates that accountants are increasingly worried about the negative impact of hard, long hours and poor diet on their health.


From hungry rodents to five-year arguments, HMRC has published some colourful excuses that were all used in unsuccessful appeals against penalties for late returns.


The looming end of January deadline forces many to swap the gym for extended slumps in the office. If this sounds like you, don’t forget to take care of yourself while you take care of the tax