Self Assessment

It’s the last day to file your tax return.

Like a marathoner taking his last gruelling paces toward the finish line, the end of self assessment season beckons tonight with its 12pm deadline.


Like many practices, we have a few last minute "new" clients who need complete a tax return and file online by 31 Jan.


AccountingWEB is gearing up for the end of self assessment season alongside the practitioners that are currently dealing with it - and we want your insights from the front line. 


January used to be the same old story for us year on year; too many tax returns to complete, clients submitting last minute books and not enough time in the day to


We're planning a team meal and drinks this Friday night as a reward for (hopefully! ) completing all our clients' self assessment returns.


I'm calculating very small payments/refunds with some clients, eg. 24p, £1.23


New client taken on who had been away from the UK for years and returned permanently in 2013/2014.


I'm preparing self assessment returns for a client dating back 8 years. I wonder if unsubmitted returns can be treated as current year's returns for the purpose of capital allowance claims.


We have been small business accountants now for more than eight years and during that time we have noticed a big problem with the quality of records that we receiv