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Self Assessment

Client formed a limited company but did not set up PAYE.  She is the only person that works in the business.  She has processed 'wages' through the Ltd Co accounts as apyments to herself as a self-


Agents and taxpayers can no longer pay cash or cheques of more than £10,000 via the Post Office, after Santander brought in a new temporary measure.


The pressure is on with just five days left until self assessment deadline. Here are some news headlines to start the day.

Aspire replacement havoc on the way

Some accountants have expressed outrage at recently learning they cannot pay  some self assessment bills at a Post Office.


I have a client for whom SA1 has been submitted (3 days ago) but we have not yet received a UTR and I think are unlikely to before 31 January.


It's very important at this time of year for accountants to look after their physical and mental wellbeing. Rachael Power offers some helpful advice. 


Annoying question for this time of year when we all should be concentrating on other matters, but here goes.