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Self Assessment

Most taxpayers submitting their 2014/15 tax returns by paper must do so by midnight 31 October 2015.

You will soon have to limber up, flex your number crunching muscles, get on your marks, and sprint the self assessment marathon.

Formula 1 racing driver Valtteri Bottas talks to AccountingWEB about keeping cool under pressure, what he looks for in an accountant and tax.


Good afternoon all,

I've been approached by an Iranian individual who has a Romanian wife, and has the following issue:


The annual tax return may be heading for the big tax office in the sky in the years ahead, but AccountingWEB members are already preparing for the self assessment storm this winter.

Unless already registered for Self-Assessment, taxpayers who have chargeable income or gains for the 2014/15 tax year must notify HMRC of this by the 5th October 2015.


From time to time a personal tax return is prepared and it is apparent that further returns will not be required so we tell the client we will attempt to get them removed from self assessment.


Do you ever have days when you just can’t be bothered?


We bought a condo in Florida in December 2014. We then started to receive income from it from January 2014 as well as expenditure arising from it.


People who are self employed and need evidence of their earnings for mortgage and loan applications will find it easier to get the information after changes to the paperwork, HMRC has said.