Self Assessment

HMRC is resorting to some interesting tactics to get people to file on time this year, with the anecdotal 'lighter-hearted' look at returns showcased in their press releases on, for example,

Self assessment season is undoubtedly one of the busiest times in a practitioner’s diary.


The run up to the 31 January self assessment deadline is stressful enough, with clients providing information at the eleventh hour and many other issues that


AccountingWEB members have warned about scam self assessment submission emails being sent following the submission of tax returns.


In January, getting returns completed and submitted on time may take precedent to many other things in a practitioner’s life - not least, their health.

With just over three weeks to go to the self assessment deadline, practitioners should be well in the midst of clients’ returns.


"The biggest challenge for me will be to not murder clients who have all left it to the last minute."

Hi Guys


Merry Christmas.  Quick ponder?



HMRC is exploring ways of reaching self assessment customers via email and even social media as part of a new electronic communications service.