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Self Assessment

The collection of Class 2 National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for the self-employed will be moved into self assessment, the


Only after the self assessment period do accountants really think about their New Year’s resolutions.

Theoretically everybody still registers for Child Benefit even if they are a higher rate tax payer for various reasons (pension entitlement, child is in system to receive NI card etc.)


Over a quarter of accountants introduced improvements to their processes that made a positive difference to their 2014 self assessment season.



My client started trading as a sole trader on 06-04-2013 and ceased his business on 31-12-2013. From 1-01-2014. He started doing partnership. 



With self assessment season out of the way for a few months at least, February's time to take a breather and reflect on the tax return whirlwind that just passed.


HMRC reported a record-breaking self assessment season in 2014, with more than 93% of filers meeting both the online and paper deadlines.


It’s the last day to file your tax return.

Like a marathoner taking his last gruelling paces toward the finish line, the end of self assessment season beckons tonight with its 12pm deadline.